Ref. Nr. 610705-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPJMO-PROJECT

01.09.2019 - 31.08.2020

Erasmus+, Jean Monnet Action, Jean Monnet Project


This JM project promotes teaching, research and reflection in the field of European integration studies in higher education institutions and enhance the knowledge about the benefits of European integration and the essence of the constitutive elements of European citizenship, in the light of the rise of radical sentiments in European societies.

Language is a powerful mean, able to persuade people and make them cooperative. Public speeches held by political leaders of the European Union have influenced in the past European citizens on various aspects of the integration process. Therefore, they are still able to influence Europe’s image among citizens, with a series of consequences for the future of the EU, which need to be evaluated and addressed from a scientific point of view.

Against this background, the project aims at investigating and to transmit from an historical, political and linguistic approach, the role played by important speeches on European integration, in different phases of European Unions’ history in order to produce a critical knowledge among students.

The focus of the project is discourse analysis dedicated to speech of/on European integration. The choice of the speeches is given by two elements: i) the speeches are analysed by scholars in their original language and discussed in English. English is a language taught in Italian secondary school and it is still a working language of the EU; ii) the speeches are chosen in a big temporal range, so to face the different historical and political context of their birth. In this way, the discourse analysis is strongly based on history, and the history and politics of European integration is another knowledge that the project can provide to students (of secondary school and of university).

Last but not the least, students can have a powerful tool of deep knowledge for interpreting the past and the present of the EU, being able to elaborate their key competences about EU.


Research Group

Project coordinator: Prof. Maria Eleonora Guasconi (Unige) 

Vice coordinator: Prof. Daniela Preda (Unige) 


Prof. Andrea Catanzaro (Unige), Michael Gehler (University of Hildesheim), Prof. Guido Levi (Unige)Prof.ssa Lara Piccardo (Unige)Prof. Francesco Pierini (Unige) 


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