Enhancing Enforcement under Brussels Ia – EN2BRIa, Project funded by the European Union Justice Programme 2014-2020, JUST-JCOO-AG-2018 JUST 831598

Participants: University of Genoa, Coordinator (Scientific Responsible Prof. Ilaria Queirolo); Universiteti I Tiranes; Universitat De Valencia; Universite De Nice Sophia Antipolis.

Duration: 1.3.2019 – 28.2.2021 (24 months)

The project’s main objective is to shed light (also through the collection of relevant data) on the terms whereby the relationship between Regulation No 1215/2012 (Brussels Ia) and other EU law instruments is to be handled, with a view to investigating the impact that the above mentioned issue produces upon the effective application of the EU law acquis on judicial cooperation in civil matters and with specific regard to the effective enforcement of judgments, in light of the collected case-law, consistently with the priority of the call. The project wishes to increase capacity of practitioners to address issues related to judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters; improve awareness, both at practical and institutional level, about the complexities of the relations between Brussels Ia regulation and other EU instruments; improve the legal framework and regulations concerning judicial cooperation in civil matters through the identification of possible solutions to mitigate the main criticalities examined.

This webpage will host the e-deliverable of the project, which will be freely accessible online.


Main activities and deliverables:

- collection of all relevant national and ECJ case law;

- final International Conference;

- two national seminars (Genoa and Tirana); events are rescheduled due to safety and security reasons connected to coronavirus.

- handbook; recommendations and guidelines.



Disclaimer excluding Commission responsibility

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